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The mirror of my life

The mirror of my life

Don't forget, you can't see me!

Don't be sad, I'm a spirit so lucky

My life is now, a destiny not a prison

My eyes are so lighted, be full of reason!


The way of the wisdow seems so easy,

However I take my part of my responsability,

Don't say why, because it's my only way

And my heart is full of missions, be on my way!


Why do you agree with me without passion?

Why don't you call me with a big decision!

Unlucky I am! A world of fascination for you!

And me, the Graduation of a little smile to you!


Tell me, tell me, tell me more, I'm so tired!

My smile is about to fascinate, I can't be tired!

Don't you see now the channel of the spirituality!

Don't forget me, I'm the mirror of my life, be lucky!


Christine Duhamel.

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