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New-York in sorrow!

New-York in sorrow!
Bewildered, shocked by the fire which climbs up
The debris of the two towers which flowered the city,
I’m so afraid of the sky, something would loom up,
Yet again, perhaps, yet one more plane! Panic on the city!
Look after the voices who implore “help” under the debris!
What’s a destiny for these buildings which were full of lives!
The lavish skyscrapers fell down by reckless enemies
Whose name wasn’t made for respecting all those lives!
Two planes in war against the two highest buildings of New York!
Enough to founder all America in a serious and dark warning!
So quiet yesterday, white doves flied over the roofs of New York!
So terrify now, lots of white candles in churches are burning!
Such a disaster around this cemetery of jammed bodies!
Such a pity for these innocents who have lost the life!
Such a panic during the tumbling down which outlived bodies!
Such a feeling of powerlessness about terrorists who abort life!

Duhamel Christine.

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