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poems in english

A song for peace!

A song for peace!

All over the world, a song for peace!

Without weapons, a walk for peace!

Come together, some beat for a world of peace!

With a large circle, a dance for peace!


Human, be quiet, we need some peace!

Human, don't forget! we have to build peace!  

Human, have a look after the characters "peace"!

Human, don't be sad! we have to fight for peace!


Don't forget! all in the world needs some peace!

Don't forget! come with us to proclaim peace!

Don't forget! Hiroshima didn't belong to peace!

Don't forget! wars come from inadvertenly of peace! 


People, you have to work in the world for peace!

People, you can't buy appliances for the name "peace"!

People, you have to invite warriors for loving peace!

People, meet yourself and forget hate for peace!


Christine DUHAMEL.


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For you, Mum!

For you, Mum!

December was the last time for you,

Forever, I will be your nice daughter,

But now, it's time to remember you,

After thirty-four years, I'm always your daughter.


My songs and prays are for you, Mum!

So long, your eyes disappeared of my glance!

Remember the time of your sweet arms, Mum!

So long, your smile painted my life of chance!


January the second was the last day for you,Mum!

Sorrows and tears were for me,the starts of this year,

Through my twenty years, I was so your fan, Mum!

Sorry! memories come back again through this picture!


Sometimes, the thread of life is so quickly cutted,

The cancer was your finality, Mum, without pity for you!

You were so young for dying, Mum, so suddenly diseased!

And now, I remember the time you were with me,weren't you!


In loving memories,your daughter,


Christine Duhamel.


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New-York in sorrow!

New-York in sorrow!
Bewildered, shocked by the fire which climbs up
The debris of the two towers which flowered the city,
I’m so afraid of the sky, something would loom up,
Yet again, perhaps, yet one more plane! Panic on the city!
Look after the voices who implore “help” under the debris!
What’s a destiny for these buildings which were full of lives!
The lavish skyscrapers fell down by reckless enemies
Whose name wasn’t made for respecting all those lives!
Two planes in war against the two highest buildings of New York!
Enough to founder all America in a serious and dark warning!
So quiet yesterday, white doves flied over the roofs of New York!
So terrify now, lots of white candles in churches are burning!
Such a disaster around this cemetery of jammed bodies!
Such a pity for these innocents who have lost the life!
Such a panic during the tumbling down which outlived bodies!
Such a feeling of powerlessness about terrorists who abort life!

Duhamel Christine.

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Free as a bird!

Free as a bird!

Free as a bird through the looking-glass

Like Alice in a non-sense world!

Don't let me think about this time,

It would be so unlucky to find my way,

Behaving the value of the Truth,

Inside the dependance of the society.

Can you imagine why you run so fast

In the Caucus Race without a dream,

Changing the world is possible if we want,

With the respect of each other and peace,

In the way of negociation and not of hate,

Can you imagine a world full of love,

Where people are free as a bird!

Free as a bird, Free as a bird

I'm this bird full of hope,not of hate.


DUHAMEL Christine.



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To the city of silver.

To the city of silver.
I couldn’t see my happiness through the clouds
But the others couldn’t talk to the great Heaven
All the time, I was disappeared, alone on the roads,
Through the sky, could I sing for Heaven?
Side by side, the age of a nice life broke down
The city of silver was growing only for it
But love and peace couldn’t tell for the cold town
War and weapons could be the truth for it.
Buildings and streets couldn’t applaud for love
All the men were running through anywhere
Birds and flowers were preaching for love
For a question of prudence, worth, from somewhere!
Silver has gone through the area of fine value
Beyond the way of Heaven who has no questions
Fortunately for us, the way of silver is always value
Finally, the city of silver wasn’t the city of consideration!
Duhamel Christine. 

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The mirror of my life

The mirror of my life

Don't forget, you can't see me!

Don't be sad, I'm a spirit so lucky

My life is now, a destiny not a prison

My eyes are so lighted, be full of reason!


The way of the wisdow seems so easy,

However I take my part of my responsability,

Don't say why, because it's my only way

And my heart is full of missions, be on my way!


Why do you agree with me without passion?

Why don't you call me with a big decision!

Unlucky I am! A world of fascination for you!

And me, the Graduation of a little smile to you!


Tell me, tell me, tell me more, I'm so tired!

My smile is about to fascinate, I can't be tired!

Don't you see now the channel of the spirituality!

Don't forget me, I'm the mirror of my life, be lucky!


Christine Duhamel.

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For your love.

For your love.

Dear, I don’t preach for your love,

See that the lonely heart is beating,

All the day, in search of you, darling!

Preach for my heart, I’m so in love!


O my God! I’m so lovely, aren’t you?

For love, it isn’t necessary to fascinate

Your eyes are the mirror of the gate,

Please, all together, I love you, love you…


For your love, I take the way of windings,

To catch the way of feelings, don’t be alone!

My heart is spinning for you, don’t be alone!

Come with me and see the stars of weddings!


So in love, so in a bottle floated on the sea!

My dream is to meet you, darling! My angel!

You’re the mirror of my heart, pretty angel!

For your love, nice to meet you, nice prophecy!


Christine Duhamel.


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I remember, Budapest!

I remember, Budapest!

I'm so far away, now, from you, Budapest

So sad I'm, so french now, so unforgettable!

My heart is so nice, my hapiness is near Pest

Because Buda's so high, so guilty, so impregnable!


Be happy, Danub flirts with my heart so lovely,

I often dream of you, you,the only one, so nice,

So tidy of your feelings, may be a little so pretty

In the river of my heart,my reason was so nice!


My prayers are so high, high like you holly Mathias

From the hill, I can see the only way of the parliament,

Where bridges on Danub are the mirror of my eyes,

Where Margaret Island joins us with a big statement!


So many dreams on your landscape, can I help you now?

The moonlight on the castle is a sign for another story,

Budapest with bathes are so romantic for me, now!

But a pact with you, Budapest and you will be my story!


Christine Duhamel.


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To climb on the city.

To climb on the city.

Why do you go away without passion?

Why do you agree with the city of power?

Anyone can’t buy the heart of my unknown devotion?

Through the towers, I’m looking for an invisible flower!


Combing the doors of the way which are disseminated!

Singing in the parts of the city, without speaking to the others!

Eating quiet for a quarter of an hour, love be located!

Sitting in the parcels of beating hearts for proclaiming the others!


Dreaming of the future can’t be a casual action to prove!

Crying for a different world would be necessary, good!

Giving gradually, it would be a part of getting into a groove!

 Running fast without smoking, it’s easy for you, so good!


 Carrying the arm of peace and love, you’re the big one!

 Feeling the air of change, it isn’t easy for the asleep!

 Scrawling through the roads of communication for the best one!

 Reading the news with fancy eyes, don’t look asleep!


Christine Duhamel.


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The outside man

The outside man

He seems so unlucky, so seedy

His dark eyes implore some kindness

His amazed hair recalls his idleness

His shoes have come off his fallen body.


The outside man had suddenly lost his work

The fate had deposited him along the street

Under the insensible lights which paint the street

Along the walls, he dreams about misty work.


His pitiable face speaks of this difficult life

Reduced to begging in the name of strict economy

In the name of an injustice which called redundancy

In the name of a bad luck which consume life.


The garbage can is sometimes his small wages

Bottles of whisky invade his body all day long

Homeless, alone, dirty, he roams about all day long

Thinking of the past where he could earn wages.


Christine Duhamel.


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