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For your love.

For your love.

Dear, I don’t preach for your love,

See that the lonely heart is beating,

All the day, in search of you, darling!

Preach for my heart, I’m so in love!


O my God! I’m so lovely, aren’t you?

For love, it isn’t necessary to fascinate

Your eyes are the mirror of the gate,

Please, all together, I love you, love you…


For your love, I take the way of windings,

To catch the way of feelings, don’t be alone!

My heart is spinning for you, don’t be alone!

Come with me and see the stars of weddings!


So in love, so in a bottle floated on the sea!

My dream is to meet you, darling! My angel!

You’re the mirror of my heart, pretty angel!

For your love, nice to meet you, nice prophecy!


Christine Duhamel.


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