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A song for peace!

A song for peace!

All over the world, a song for peace!

Without weapons, a walk for peace!

Come together, some beat for a world of peace!

With a large circle, a dance for peace!


Human, be quiet, we need some peace!

Human, don't forget! we have to build peace!  

Human, have a look after the characters "peace"!

Human, don't be sad! we have to fight for peace!


Don't forget! all in the world needs some peace!

Don't forget! come with us to proclaim peace!

Don't forget! Hiroshima didn't belong to peace!

Don't forget! wars come from inadvertenly of peace! 


People, you have to work in the world for peace!

People, you can't buy appliances for the name "peace"!

People, you have to invite warriors for loving peace!

People, meet yourself and forget hate for peace!


Christine DUHAMEL.


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