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I remember, Budapest!

I remember, Budapest!

I'm so far away, now, from you, Budapest

So sad I'm, so french now, so unforgettable!

My heart is so nice, my hapiness is near Pest

Because Buda's so high, so guilty, so impregnable!


Be happy, Danub flirts with my heart so lovely,

I often dream of you, you,the only one, so nice,

So tidy of your feelings, may be a little so pretty

In the river of my heart,my reason was so nice!


My prayers are so high, high like you holly Mathias

From the hill, I can see the only way of the parliament,

Where bridges on Danub are the mirror of my eyes,

Where Margaret Island joins us with a big statement!


So many dreams on your landscape, can I help you now?

The moonlight on the castle is a sign for another story,

Budapest with bathes are so romantic for me, now!

But a pact with you, Budapest and you will be my story!


Christine Duhamel.


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