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To climb on the city.

To climb on the city.

Why do you go away without passion?

Why do you agree with the city of power?

Anyone can’t buy the heart of my unknown devotion?

Through the towers, I’m looking for an invisible flower!


Combing the doors of the way which are disseminated!

Singing in the parts of the city, without speaking to the others!

Eating quiet for a quarter of an hour, love be located!

Sitting in the parcels of beating hearts for proclaiming the others!


Dreaming of the future can’t be a casual action to prove!

Crying for a different world would be necessary, good!

Giving gradually, it would be a part of getting into a groove!

 Running fast without smoking, it’s easy for you, so good!


 Carrying the arm of peace and love, you’re the big one!

 Feeling the air of change, it isn’t easy for the asleep!

 Scrawling through the roads of communication for the best one!

 Reading the news with fancy eyes, don’t look asleep!


Christine Duhamel.


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