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Like an angel!

Like an angel!

Fortunately, we 're in search of the deep question!

Could you imagine the way given by the elevation,

Without a time for hapiness, a time for education,

A time where peace and love seem an exultation?


Finaly, where is the true when we 're in search of!

Casualy I'm a friend of the big trust, in case of,

whenever you and me sign the pact of the prudence,

For ideas turned by the government sit on the fence!


Sorry to tell you the opinion of the great free values,

Why don't you see this way, be safe, be these values!

In the time of investigation where we find the truth,

Only social exploitation seems the language of truth!


Mothers of the dreams, could you send me an angel?

Dreams aren't allowed to become utopias,sorry angel! 

Neverland is our secret story, don't you believe it?

Preach for a society who is fascinated with love of it!


Christine Duhamel.


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